The Ultimate Destination: Saving the Best for Last

Arches National Park, Utah. Where the earth embraces the sky.

Arches National Park, Utah.
Where the earth embraces the sky.

I was more than 2,500 miles into my three-week circle tour of the southwest when I finally climbed the steep switchbacks that earn you access to Arches National Park.  I  wasn’t jaded or desensitized by the natural marvels that had struck me speechless and left me gaping in awe all across the region, but I was no longer easy to impress, and I was pretty sure no scene or setting could capture a superlative status from among the memories I had accumulated.
I was wrong.

It was no simple writing task to concede the title that marks this current page.  I spent my professional life striving to be a fair and impartial witness, honing and crafting words to convey fairness and accuracy.  And in my humble but thoroughly considered opinion that is what I’ve done here.  This unimaginably boundless, savage, serene, and timeless landscape was the ultimate, crowning geological experience of my trip.

I am taking road trips faster than I can write about them on these pages.  But I am recording some images and impressions from those rides on Facebook, and they feature a new dimension as I’ve taken on a canine traveling companion.
As with all “timeline” chronicles, you might find it easier to follow if you scroll all the way down and read it from the bottom up.
You can check them out at
Facebook Blue Ridge


Also, I’m balancing the past due efforts to finish this narrative against the requirements of a long “Honey Do” list of DIY renovations to the Fannie Mae foreclosure disaster we now call home.   Please bear with me; I ‘ll get back to the story as quickly as I can.

3 Responses to The Ultimate Destination: Saving the Best for Last

  1. Jo Anne Jones says:

    Look forward to the continuation of this. But, meantime, am following the “honey-do” project!

  2. Thanks for your patience, Jo Anne… on BOTH projects. It’s always great to hear from you in either forum. I can’t believe I’ve been back from this southwest trip for exactly three years, and I still haven’t managed to finish the travelogue. And I have last year’s 4,000-mile trip to Nova Scotia and PEI still waiting to be chronicled.
    A preview of that can be found at

  3. judyt54 says:

    riveting, absolutely riveting.

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